Transformando os dados de projetos de trade marketing, merchandising, live mkt e mkt promocional.

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Creation of BI - Business Intelligence with integration of several databases with
ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading) and delivery of dashboards in Power BI.
Areas of expertise Trade Marketing, Merchandising, Live Mkt and Promotional Marketing.

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Dashboards of the main indicators

The data structure of different databases or collection sources is developed, whether using the Promo MKT Report application or similar solutions that control the execution of trade marketing at the Point of Sale. And the delivery of indicators in dashboards created in Power BI or other similar solution can be Price, Break, MPDV, Breakdown and etc.

Trade Marketing


have performance indicators of your team

Construction of indicators and performance of the merchandising team through KPIs for decision making by the merchandising manager.

Promotional Marketing and Live Marketing

KPI's indicators of your projects

Have customized indicators and KPIs for your projects where you will have analysis of conversions and results of how the project is doing.

Marketing Promocional

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Team specialized in software development Mobile (IOS and ANDROID), Web and Business Intelligence (BI).


Total confidentiality about our customers' data, their information and the solutions developed by us.


We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) to store all projects developed by us.

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